Great Gillis vibes


Great Gillis vibes

Good things take time

We source our fresh meat from small family farms and dry-age it for weeks (sometimes months) to perfection in our in-house aging room. As a result, we’ve got tens of different kinds of sirloin and ribeye on the menu from both sides of the Atlantic at any given time.

The taste of an excellent steak, ribeye, or T-bone is in its fat. The better the animal’s life (think: outside, grazing, long years), the more refined and complex the taste. Therefore, we only select beautifully textured meats to dry and serve.

Once it’s ready, we grill the meat on a gas stove to coax out all the natural flavors. We don’t do herbs or hay or anything fancy pancy. What you see is what you get: a mouth-watering, juicy and savory slab of meat you’ll remember forever.

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Good things take



The Gillis big book of wines lists over 500 divine wines, from South African to French and Italian. Fear not: you’re not the only one getting the sweats from not-knowing-what-to-choose. Bram and Jozefien help you to pick your new favorite wine. 

Two is a crowd, twelve is a party

Want to get together with your colleagues or family (and no one else)? We can’t blame you. Ask about private dining availability and options. We open up the restaurant for lunches for twelve guests or more.

At Gillis, we share: the bar bites, our sizzling steaks, and the wine. There’s only one exception: the desserts. Would you share a Coupe Colonel? Our thinking exactly. A hint: bring someone who shares your exquisite taste.

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